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Start of Harrassment

Beginning of Legal Harrassment

My Option to Exclude

The Dismissal for Want of Prosecution

Certified DBAs of the Individuals Pushing for Deed Restrictions

Harris County Tax Records of the Indviduals Pushing for Deed Restrictions

Deed Restrictions Not Valid

City of Houston Legal Dept Notifies Me Deed Restrictions Not Valid 5/12/11

Various Signatures for Invalid Deed Restrictions 1

Various Signatures for Invalid Deed Restrictions 2

Arial View of Neighborhood

Picture Comparison - area of Swingle/Dongeal Way
Who is the Civic Club really serving?



A&M Concrete Plant Issues

Environmental Quality Issue of A&M Concrete Plant

Community Members Weigh in On A&M Concrete Plant

Various Images of Dumping and Unsafe Conditions at and around 3902 Swingle Prior to A&M Concrete's Takeover of Property Address

Speaking at Houston City Counsel / Shamrock Manor Issues

Not a Routine Traffic Stop in Shamrock Manor

Civic Club uses HPD Officers to Limit Attendance

Official Oppression at Civic Club Meeting

Dangerous Manhole Cover Issues

Civic Club Issues

Shamrock Manor Neighborhood Harassment

Images of Manhole Cover Dangers in Our Community

Audio Recording of Joseph Boxie

Sound Clip One

Sound Clip Two

Sound Clip Three